Surveillance Security Systems for Business

Monitor and secure your Business with Video Surveillance

Overall safety, security, 24/7 monitoring, and surveillance can be a constant challenge to save your business. This is why our security camera system helps you and take proactive steps to protect your business. Comstel offers a range of surveillance camera systems which is more than just a simple security system.

We are proud to have a partnership with Omniview and offer you the latest security system that gives constant monitoring. With cutting edge technology security cameras, make your business more secure because now you have a better system for monitoring what is going on.

Surveillance Security Systems
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Here is why you should choose Surveillance Security Systems form Comstel.

We give a variety of cost-effective, high-resolution analog cameras that meet the needs of your businesses. We offer a camera for any environment, with powerful LED lighting to illuminate the locations throughout your businesses’ operating area.

Also, we offer low-light performance camera with powerful visibility, even in different weather conditions, these digital equipment are ideal for shooting, including digital zoom in and out lenses.

Our surveillance security cameras are best-in-class features such as full HD DVR that has 4, 8, or 16 separate channels, wide dynamic range settings, day/night visibility, tamper detection, noise cancellation, live display, and vertical view mode.

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