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A Leading Brand Business Phone System

Comstel offers an excellent high-quality business phone systems. Businesses that are constantly on the move also have the option of Comstel services. As we suggest, this option gives you the best of a leading phone system to suit customers’ requirements.
Comstel pride themselves on tailoring their services to businesses all in size. We specialize in providing affordable and efficient business phone systems. We don’t compromise on quality and assure you don’t have to sacrifice either when you choose to have our phone systems installed.

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Small Size Business

Run your small business phone system with our two handsets and that goes up to 20. They have additional features according to your business needs and can be installed within the next month or up to 12 months out.


Medium Size Business

Get a huge range of handsets in medium business phone system, when you hit 30+. We give freedom to choose the installation range and any additional features as per your business requirements.


Large Size Business

In order to continue expanding, here, we offer you to install completely new business phone system with up to 200 handsets. Also our ultimate packages allow you to upgrade your present lines.



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Call Transfer


Call Forward


Call Park


Voice To Email


Fax To Email


Auto Attendant


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Frequently Asked Questions about Business Phone Systems

What is the definition of a Business Phone System?

A business phone system is an advanced calling network, typically used in the business environment to improve communication. There are different types of phone systems with a huge range of variety to handle the complex need of businesses.

Business telephone system includes the following features:

  • Call forwarding to mobile devices
  • Streamline call management systems
  • Multiple, additional phone lines
  • VoIP, IP, and hybrid options
  • Automated phone answering to the appropriate extension

To choose the right phone system for your business, Discuss Comtel’s representative right now.

What is the best phone system for a business?

The best business phone system is the one that goes for a service that fits your current needs. Every business requires right-sized systems to save cost while increasing productivity.

Here at Comstel, we expert in determining exactly what capabilities you need to operate your business for years to come.

What are the main type of business phone system?

Comstel offers three main types of business phone system. Each type is designed to help you decide which is best for your business.

The small business, somewhere in the range of two and 20 headsets alongside accessible features.

The medium-sized businesses, we up to 30 headsets just as various features suitable for the size and extent of your business.

The large business can access upwards of 200 headsets, alongside explicit choices that fit the requirements of a business. This includes a choice of services for businesses with various branches.

Comstel helps you with the task, we have conducted our research to identify the best business phone systems for different types of businesses.