Landlines For Your Business

Despite the several business phone solutions available, landlines still have their place. Our business landline plans offer a level of reliability, a tremendous amount of services, voice quality, features, and add-ons.

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Updating your business landline phone plan with Comstel is sensible thing to do

For each customer, we work hard to find them the best business landline plan. Landlines themselves are low cost. We set aside connection fees for timed calls and charge in 15 seconds increments. We save you money and waive connection fees for timed calls. We offer:

Line Rental

Our rates will vary depending on the level of service you require. We rent a landline starting at just $11 per month. We have short and long-term contracts both-limited by budget and timescale.

Local Calls

We have a package for local calls that starts at just 10 cents per minute and there isn’t usage restrictions.

National Calls

Our packages for national calls that charge just 10 cents per minute. Make calls as many as you can.

Mobile Calls

When your business requires calls from mobile devises, you can choose our plan starting at just 20 cent per minutes without restrictions.

Unlimited Calls

We provide our customers the liberty to make unlimited calls. Get the more value from an unlimited call plan for your business.

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