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We offer a broadband solution with a wide range of internet services, the most innovative solutions with our comprehensive services to suit your business requirements. Comstel’s experts understand the needs of business and help you to select the fast, reliable, high-quality internet services. We are very much confident in the performance and price of our business solution. We offer our service to all over in Australia.

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Comstel’s Business Internet Plans

In every option, we provide blazing fast internet to help you work faster and smarter. Our technical support specialists to maximize your connectivity and productivity.

Find the NBN plan with Comstel that’s right for your business. Get benefits from faster download time for large files and when browsing content-heavy websites.

For small and medium businesses, we offer a variety of data package sizes as per their requirements and large business can benefit from unlimited data plans.

With our NBN plans, we provide your staff with flexible working practices such as host virtual board meetings, video conferencing with less buffering and better image quality, also share and access larger files with staff and clients.

Get the right plan for your business requires.


24/1 MBPS


25/5 MBPS, 50/20 MBPS, 100/40 MBPS


10/10 MBPS, 20/20 MBPS


400/400 MBPS, 100/100 MBPS

Access of NBN in your area

Why Choose NBN

NBN Business Broadband Plan delivers high-capacity internet across Australia. Moving to the NBN access network is not automatic, as the NBN is rolled out – some of the existing services will be permanently disconnected. We will help you out which services will be affected, and applicable disconnection dates. Talk to our experts and get flexible solutions and keep the flow of your business smoothly.

  • Fast Download and Upload Speeds
  • Deliver the Best Service to Customers
  • Customer’s Complete Satisfaction
  • Improve Business Productivity
  • Better Opportunities
  • Video Collaboration
  • Sharing Large Files Ability
  • Accessing Files on the Cloud

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