Complete Phone Systems for Small Business

Small businesses are the most profitable business ideas in Australia. Comstel gives you a hand to increase the productivity of your business by offering you our high-quality phone system. We have an entry-level system for small businesses that is sufficient to support your new and growing company.

According to your need, we offer up to 20 different most reliable handsets with excellent quality. Moreover, you can also expand our small business phone system to up 40 handsets as your business grows.

Enhance your business with Our Customizable Small Business Phone System

Try to reach your goals and enhance your business with our phone system that includes VoIP connectivity. It is ideal for businesses with remote employees because you can stay in contact with your clients by using services like Skype. A productivity-enhancing feature and budget-friendly phone system that suits your business’s needs.

We can assist you in managing your small business phone system that features functions like voicemail to email capabilities, music when putting customers on hold, a variety of calls plan that includes unlimited calls, local and international calls with the flexible monthly rates. Each of these things will ultimately help to expand your business.

Most importantly, we can understand the needs and challenges of a smaller organization. We help growing small businesses, growing fast by:

  •  Increasing employees’ productivity
  • Enhancing your call management systems
  • Providing access to the top-notch technology
  • Reliable connectivity and clear communications
  • Freedom to choose between hybrid, VoIP and IP solutions
  • Accessing NBN connectivity in the near future
  • Call accounting by recording and screening systems

These are the factors to consider, in scaling your small business’s reputation and helping position your company as a professional one.

This is the best time to implement or upgrade your phone system, contact us right now!